CMEES makes use of the following means for the achievement of its objectives:

1. Development and creation of state-of-the-art policies, strategies and means for regional and national economic and social development for the Microelectronics and Industrial Digital Systems sector.

2. Research, creation and maintenance of databases related to the economic and resource potential of the country in the field of microelectronics and industrial systems.

3. Development, coordination and implementation of projects and programs for regional economic and social development funded under national, European and international programs.

4. Development and implementation of cross-border projects.

5. Implementation of projects and programs supporting European integration and cooperation.

6. Organization of seminars, round tables, discussions, training centers, trainings and educational programs for raising the awareness and improvement of the qualification of the professionals employed in the Microelectronics and Industrial Digital Systems sector.

7. Mobilization of involvement of all members of CMEES for attracting investments.

8. Participations in associations with other similar organizations in view of the realization of the planned activities.

9. Organizations and participation in regional, national and international forums.

10. Cooperation and joint efforts in the field of logistics,production, marketing and commercialization of the products of CMEES and the members thereof.