(1) The membership in CMEES is on a voluntary basis. The members may be trade companies, scientific organizations and the divisions thereof; technological centers and scientific unions, NGOs, employer organizations, municipalities and municipality administrations and other entities operating in the Microelectronics and Industrial Digital Systems sector and accepting the objectives and directions of the functioning thereof.

(2) The relations between CMEES and its members are settled by the Articles of Association, the internal Acts of the CMEES and effective law.

(3) The members participate in the work of the bodies of CMEES through their legal representatives or other authorized persons. Authorization is made in writing.

(4) For the membership in the CMEES the members owe a membership fee at an amount determined by the General Meeting in compliance with the terms and conditions hereof. The method for payment of the membership fee is determined by the General Meeting.

(5) The members of CMEES are obliged to make annual property contributions under the form of membership fee. Any newly accepted members pay an annual property contribution for the year of acceptance thereof pro rata to the time remaining until the year end.

Any member of CMEES, through its representatives are entitled to:

1. Participate in the activity of CMEES and the work of the General Meeting.

2. To be elected in the management bodies.

3. To be informed about the activity of CMEES.

4. To benefit from the property of CMEES and the results of its activity.

The members of CMEES are obliged:

1. To comply with the Articles of Association of CMEES and to work for the achievement of its objectives.

2. To work towards the increase of the property of CMEES and the promotion of its public reputation.

3. To pay annual membership fee at the amount, according to the method and within the term as determined by the General Meeting.